Livestock Trailer Insurance

livestock trailer insurance

Livestock Trailer Insurance, Flatbed Trailer Insurance, Platform Trailer Insurance

From farmers to horse owners, the livestock trailer and livestock trailer insurance is vital. When trying to get insurance for any trailer there are many different products to choose from and the search for the perfect insurance package can be time consuming. Datatag Trailer offer a variety of insurance policies for flatbed trailers, platforms and more. Specifically designed for the individual customer, our prices are parallel to none as is our customer service.

We are frequently checking levels of cover with different underwriters so that you always get the most competitive rates for your trailer requirement.

Insurance for trailers is a regular problem, as not all car insurance policies will include an attached trailer for third party risks. This means it is unlikely that a given policy will not cover any damage to the trailer in an accident, or loss of the trailer through a theft.

Our policies comprise of excellent additions such as European Use and trailer replacement hire, 20% discount if a Datatag Security theft deterrent system fitted and New for Old cover for new trailers.

For further details on: Livestock Trailer Insurance or General Purpose Trailer Insurance please feel free to contact one of our team members on 0800 612 7419 today.

livestock trailer insurance

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